Partially corrupted photo of SCP-V3F0-2 purged of antimemetic triggers

Item #: SCP-V3F0

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All network traffic to SCP-V3F0-1 is to be monitored by Foundation-operated web analysis bot Gamma-55 (“GANALYTICS”), which will continuously detect and document antimemetic influences on the web page and trigger alerts for any unusual amounts of traffic.

Description: SCP-V3F0 is a phenomenon in which the HTTP responses from domain https://█████.com (designated SCP-V3F0-1) are randomly interleaved with Type II antimemetic triggers, which cause readers to immediately lose interest in the articles and forget about the website. No anomalous properties has been observed from the raw texts or the static site generator software used.

SCP-V3F0-1 appears to the personal blog of SCP-V3F0-2, who is an ██-year-old Asian male known as ████████ ███, currently a computer science undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong software engineer at Google Beijing. SCP-V3F0-2 shows interests in a range of topics such as technology, philosophy, music, arts, and writes about these topics irregularly.

SCP-V3F0-2 exhibits no immunity from the antimemetic effect, and will often forget about the existence of SCP-V3F0-1. According to SCP-V3F0-2, attempts to compose new blog entries are also heavily impeded by the antimemetic properties of the website.

[Last Updated: 2019-07-14]